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nerd [Aug. 24th, 2006|09:59 pm]
Faraday comes tomorrow morning!! I am sooooo happy! Oh my goodness do I miss her soft wittle nose and bright brown eyes. :)

Also, I just became a nerd. Oh, wait. I already was one. However, I'm a truly hard core nerd this time: I just became an annual member at Virtualsheetmusic.com. And it's the best thing I ever did. I've already downloaded like thirty songs. Omg. It's like eating a $38.00 S'mores but without the calories.

K so it's not just for violin either... Kim T-H gave me her old keyboard when in conversation it came up that my old one didn't work any more and I needed a new one for ear training exercises. This, combined with an Overdose of Jane Austen Films, has led to my hankering to being able to play some nice bits of classical music on the piano.

So: If I'm a good girl, and master at LEAST ten more classical pieces on the keyboard, AND stick to my budget for the rest of the year, AND downsize ALL of my stuff to a 5x5 storage space (currently 8x10), I will buy myself a smallish upright piano for Christmas. I've seen a couple of them on Craigslist for anything from $150 - 400 (in MY price range, anyway... I don't bother eyeing the $30,000 ones) Also, I will just resell the thing when it comes time to leave, thus I will not have actually *acquired* anything permanently. I think it's a good plan. :P I dare someone to suggest otherwise.

Anyway, I've started with finishing learning the bass clef to Bach's Minuet that I've known since I was like eight... and I've also started learning Beethoven's Fur Elise (which would be ridiculously simple if I could read the bass clef better, but alas, I can't) and Mozart's delightful K331. Niiiiice. I've actually made a surprisingly good start on that one. Oh and I wish I were improving alot faster on the violin but... no. However I did run through a duet reasonably well in my last music lesson, accompanied by my teacher's husband on the piano, for a rendition of "Early One Morning"-- the tune of which I unfortunately find a bit dull but, given a few perky piano additions sounds quite respectable. Next duet to practice, however, is "The Ash Grove"... which is a nice one! Simple too. Let's see if I can't screw it up somehow.